Monitor crop health and increase yield with remote sensing data

Increase crop yields, manage land use, and optimize your industrial farming operations with Earth observation data.

SkyWatch provides the data you need to

Monitor fields

We've worked with providers to lower minimum AOIs to allow non-industrial farming operations to leverage Earth observation data.

Make informed decisions

EarthCache offers a variety of data types and outputs to support multimodal analysis of land use, crop health, and future yield.

Optimize planning

Use Earth observation data to obtain a comprehensive view of the full agriculture supply chain, so you plan and prepare for the future.

Growth trend analysis

Identify and analyze broad growth and yield trends over time to identify environmental changes to improve agricultural forecasts.

Precision Agriculture

Monitor crop indexes with precision to determine when to apply fertilizer or irrigation to optimize crop yields, enriched with by normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) and other indices.

Assess Crop Risks

Identify environmental risks and monitor crop health at scale to prevent damages and crop loss.

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