Increase Crop Yield With Precision Agriculture Technology

Use agriculture satellite imagery to monitor your fields and increase crop yield. Optimize your industrial farming operations with data captured from the space.
Applications Of Satellite Farming

Monitor Crop Health

Use remote sensing data to detect pests, prevent diseases, and keep your crops healthy.

Analyze Fields

Extract insights from high-resolution satellite images to make better use of your land.

Increase Crop Yields

Assess soil properties like moisture and temperature to make better decisions to maximize crop yield.
A Platform for All Your Needs


Get broad growth and yield trends over time to identify environmental changes to improve agricultural forecasts.

Precision Agriculture

Monitor crop indexes with precision to determine when to apply fertilizer or irrigation to optimize crop yields, augmented by NDVI.

Crop Risks

Assess agricultural risks and crop health at scale to prevent damages and crop loss.
Save Time and Money With Satellite Data
Satellite imagery is being widely adopted in precision agriculture because of its cost-effectiveness and accuracy. Helping agronomists everywhere save time, resources and money. Satellite data collects detailed information to predict crop yields, including NDVI. Earth observation (EO) data can measure details, such as soil moisture, to help farmers support crop health. Forget expensive ground sensors; invest in satellite imagery for fast and affordable resources.
How EarthCache Is Helping Precision Agriculture

Easy Platform

EarthCache is so easy to use that you can purchase agriculture satellite imagery within minutes without having to worry about license agreements and lengthy sales processes.

Competitive Prices

We've partnered with data providers to lower the minimum area requirements and offer high-resolution satellite images at competitive prices, for all uses.

Customer Service

Our team loves helping our customers with their precision agriculture needs. We provide exceptional customer service and work with companies of all sizes.

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