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Modelling pollutant exposure from space

Why GIS Specialists Are Shifting From Mapping to Monitoring

The shift from mapping to monitoring comes down to the frequency of tasking satellite imagery. Gathering Earth Observation data is a tactic used across industries to help solve some of the world’s biggest problems. From predicting crop yields in agriculture to monitoring oil pipelines, the use cases for satellite imagery

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satellite imagery providers

How to Choose the Right Satellite Imagery Provider

Choosing the right satellite imagery provider for your project can feel overwhelming, but it comes down to your goals and accessing the right features. When seeking a satellite imagery provider, ask yourself critical questions about what type of data you’re looking for. Do you need high-resolution images? Are you looking

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BAP Intel

Case Study with BAP Intel: From Hobbyist to Professional Analyst

SkyWatch supports not only a wide range of businesses but, in some cases, we even support hobbyists. Benjamin Pittet, founder of BAP Intel in Switzerland launched his career in private intelligence with a blog, Twitter, and satellite data. Through our platform EarthCache, and our amazing satellite imagery providers, we completed

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Screengrab of a short-haired man talking with overlay text "learn about earth observation"

Types of Earth Observation Data

For over 60 years humans have been putting cameras and sensors into space to look back at our planet. Satellites capture data across the electromagnetic spectrum — from visible wavelengths all the way to radio wavelengths. This is called Earth Observation (EO) data. There are many types of Earth Observation data that have many valuable applications across agriculture, environmental, oil, insurance, and financial services industries.

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The Ultimate Satellite Imagery Guide

What data do you need? Deciding that satellite imagery is the right solution for your organization is a great first step to getting insightful data at your fingertips. But if you’re new to these solutions, there are some basics you need to know. We at SkyWatch understand the difficulty of

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The 5 Coolest Uses For Satellite Imagery

A satellite image became available in 1972 when NASA launched the first Landsat mission. The technology has been used for countless commercial, humanitarian, academic, and personal reasons for the past four decades and has over 100 satellites. So we decided to put together a list of the 5 coolest uses

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4 Ways satellite imagery is changing how we invest

4 Ways Investors Use Satellite Imagery

With over 400 imaging satellites orbiting our globe, never before has it been more affordable to obtain a bird's eye perspective of Earth. Consequently, analysts have taken full advantage of this access and created multiple innovative ways to utilize satellite images for something other than just its beautiful sight. Even

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In the News

SkyWatch Partners With Pakistan-Based Farmdar

SkyWatch Space Applications Inc. (SkyWatch) announced today its collaboration with Farmdar, an agri-tech company based in Pakistan. Farmdar's app allows farmers to monitor their land, increase productivity, reduce farming costs, and reduce waste through artificial intelligence (AI) and remote sensing technologies.

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