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How an Intelligence company uses SkyWatch EarthCache

ShadowBreak is an Intelligence consultancy company that focuses on layering data from a variety of sources to provide multi-Intelligence analysis for their military, governmental, and corporate clients.  Both their solutions, ReconLink and TacSight, deliver critical insight for decision makers on vital security issues such as regional conflicts, foreign military combat

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AI in Space

AI in space is not just for government officials or the military; it's available to anyone looking to access it. At SkyWatch, we believe in simplicity. We’ve taken a very challenging data engineering problem - obtaining, processing, and standardizing satellite data - and built a platform that abstracts the massive

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Understanding data transfers

Let's break down data transfers. Satellite data collection is extensive, with some of the latest high-resolution optical and radar readings gathering gigabits of information each second. The issue lies in sending this data back to Earth, an act known as a downlink. Unfortunately, current technology has these downlinks occurring on

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Understanding how Satellite Images are created

Understanding how satellite images are created begins with sensors. Satellite sensors, unlike our eyes, capture much more information and relay it back to us in a format quite different from the photographs we are used to. Satellites capture data by assigning a digital value to each pixel based on the

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Understanding Orbits

Sun-synchronous low Earth orbits Understanding orbits is simpler than one might think. In the same way as consumer cameras, the closer you are to the object you want to capture, the more details you can see. Satellites in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) can capture images of high resolution because they

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How an infrastructure company uses satellite data

LiveEO uses satellite imagery to provide innovative infrastructure monitoring in the verticals railway, electricity, and pipelines and empowers the operators to save in operational expenses by observing dangers from vegetation, height changes and third party interactions along the network. How LiveEO uses satellite data Sven Przywarra, LiveEO’s co-founder explained that

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How an Artificial Intelligence company uses satellite data

Picterra is a self-serve platform enabling businesses to autonomously extract intelligence & analytics from satellite, aerial, and drone imagery. It comes with a ready-to-use IT infrastructure: in a few clicks, it’s possible to process terabytes of imagery with Picterra’s auto-scaling, GPU-enabled infrastructure. With Picterra, a machine learning model can be

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In the News

SkyWatch Partners With Pakistan-Based Farmdar

SkyWatch Space Applications Inc. (SkyWatch) announced today its collaboration with Farmdar, an agri-tech company based in Pakistan. Farmdar's app allows farmers to monitor their land, increase productivity, reduce farming costs, and reduce waste through artificial intelligence (AI) and remote sensing technologies.

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