Monitor the environment with Earth observation data

Monitor the environment, assess the impact of human and industrial activities, and identify opportunities for mitigation with remote sensing data.

SkyWatch provides the data you need to

Anticipate Disasters

Identify areas at risk for wildfires, hurricanes, floods, and  other natural disasters to mitigate impact and spur corrective action.

Track critical events

Access a variety of data types, including high-resolution data and synthetic aperture radar (SAR) data to track and detect the impact of wildfires, monitor flooding, and assist in relief efforts, through challenging atmospheric conditions.

Maintain Compliance

Use Earth observation data to monitor the impact of construction, mining, deforestation, and other  regulated activities.

Track climate change

Classify land cover like glaciers to detect changes over time in ice movement or melt.

Monitor land events

Monitor key areas to detect encroachment, pollution, or logging on sensitive natural areas.

Monitor coastal areas

Monitor shorelines to detect natural risks like erosion or anthropogenic impacts like illegal fishing.

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