Monitor The Environment With Satellite Images

Satellite images can help you monitor what is happening in any location, assess environmental impact, analyze historical data and report on what is happening today, including satellite monitoring deforestation.
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Do More With Satellite Imagery
Predict Natural Disasters
Identify areas at risk for wildfires, hurricanes, and flooding to mitigate impact and spur corrective action.
Assess Critical Events
Access medium, high and very high resolution data to track and detect the impact of wildfires, monitor flooding, and assist in relief efforts.
Comply With Regulations
Use satellite imagery to monitor the impact of construction, mining, deforestation and regulatory infringements.
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Classify land cover like glaciers to detect changes over time in ice movement or melt.


Automatically monitor changes to detect encroachment, pollution, or logging on sensitive natural areas.


Monitor shorelines to detect natural risks like erosion or anthropogenic impacts like illegal fishing.

Assessing The Impact of Wildfires With Normalized Burn Ratios
An increase in heat waves and droughts has created optimal conditions for wildfires in various places across the globe, including Canada, the US, and Australia. An often-used way to assess the damages caused by the wildfires is through the differential in Normalized Burn Ratio (NBR). The Normalized Burn Ratio (NBR) highlights burned areas and help scientists estimate fire severity. The formula is similar to NDVI, except that it uses near-infrared (NIR) and shortwave-infrared (SWIR) wavelengths.
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How EarthCache Helps You Monitor The Environment
Easy-To-Use Platform
EarthCache is so easy to use that you can purchase an image within minutes. Less time capturing satellite images means having more time to analyze the data.
Competitive Prices
We've partnered with data providers to lower the minimum area requirements and offer high-resolution satellite images at competitive prices.
Simple Ordering Process
EarthCache is the simplest way to get Earth Observation data for your needs. You won't have to worry about lengthy sales processes or data license agreements.

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