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How To Use Satellite Imagery In A Utility Use Case

It can be difficult to picture using satellite imagery in different industries, but Earth Observation is a tool that can be used to help solve problems in our world, no matter how abstract. Let's explore how satellite imagery is used in a utility use case. The goal of using satellite

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How Satellite Operators Save $60-100m To Monetize Their Data

So why should you care about TerraStream? Many satellite companies that we talk to, especially the seed-funded early-stage ones, are very entrepreneurial, very smart engineers. They believe they can build anything, and they probably can. The question is, what should they build? When you're building a platform for a satellite

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How Do You Get Data From Satellites To Earth?

Connect To Ground Stations A ground station is a physical location with an antenna that allows a satellite operator to downlink the imagery from their satellite after it's been collected. When launching, most companies don't build their own ground stations. Instead, they look for partners who already have large networks

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Earth Observation Data: Understanding Resolutions

The Two Resolutions To Focus On Satellite imagery can be very intimidating because there's a wide range of resolutions. And as a new person in the industry, you might be completely overwhelmed. At a high level there are two resolutions we think of in the satellite imagery ecosystem. We think

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TerraStream Includes All The Partners You Need

The Problems Facing Earth Observation Businesses We've had a chance to speak to a lot of companies in the Earth Observation business. There is number of challenges that they have when they're launching satellites. At SkyWatch we've built a product that solves the problems of: But there are also other

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How Investors Use Satellite Imagery.

Commercial Real Estate Investments Commercial real estate developers are looking at long time horizons. They're developing buildings that are going to be only in place in a few years, if not decades and hypothetically operational for decades to come. You're looking at a property to ultimately build something on, and

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What Data Do You Need

Your First Question When Accessing Satellite Imagery “What data do you need?” is probably the first question you'll have when logging onto the EarthCache platform. The first thing to look at is resolution. We offer a varying spectrum of resolutions on the EarthCache platform all the way from low to

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Earth Observation: Saving Lives In Oil And Gas

Managing Critical Infrastructure In Oil and Gas Oil and Gas is an industry where old practices are used for a long period of time and new technologies can be difficult to be introduced. However, satellite imagery is one of those technologies being introduced into the Oil and Gas industry and

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In the News

SkyWatch Partners With Pakistan-Based Farmdar

SkyWatch Space Applications Inc. (SkyWatch) announced today its collaboration with Farmdar, an agri-tech company based in Pakistan. Farmdar's app allows farmers to monitor their land, increase productivity, reduce farming costs, and reduce waste through artificial intelligence (AI) and remote sensing technologies.

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