Monitor Infrastructure With Geospatial Mapping

Use satellite imagery to easily monitor land, projects, and infrastructure.
Use GIS And Remote Sensing Applications For Infrastructure
Construction Site Inspection
Save resources and eliminate the risk of human error by tasking satellites to inspect your construction site.
Land Assessment
Use up-to-date geospatial imagery to assess land use and promote sustainable development practices.
Change Detection
Compare satellite images to detect changes on the ground and inform your engineering teams.
A Platform For All Your Needs

Before Construction

Plan your site more accurately and optimize your build with satellite imagery.

During Construction

Monitor construction progress and mitigate setbacks to project budgets or schedule.


Continually monitor and assess risks to critical assets and infrastructure.
Should I Use Satellites or Drones to Monitor Infrastructure?
Satellites are fully autonomous and extremely precise. They can capture detailed images and deliver pre-processed data to save you time.

Drones need to be piloted by someone. Landscapes with too many buildings or natural obstacles can add more complexity to the operation, resulting in longer flight times. Most commercial drones can fly for about 30 minutes before they need a full charge, which can take up to 1 hour.

Use Satellites Or Drones?
How EarthCache Is Helping Monitor Infrastructure
Easy-To-Use Platform
Stop worrying about license agreements and paperwork. It takes only a few minutes to purchase a satellite image using EarthCache.
Find What You Need
We have one of the largest geospatial imagery repositories in the world. Search for images in our Archive or task satellites to find what you need.
Customer Service
Our team loves helping our customers with their GIS and remote sensing needs. We provide exceptional customer service and work with companies of all sizes.

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