Identify and assess risk with remote sensing data

Earth observation data enables insurance companies to assess risk, identify trends, and update actuarial models with reliable, accurate data.

SkyWatch provides the data you need to

Evaluate risk

Earth observation data enables more thorough trend analysis, allowing insurance companies to quantify risk more accurately.

Enrich processes

Enrich your underwriting, claims, and policy processes by incorporating reliable, accurate Earth observation data.

Inform actuarial models

Enrich historical data with near-real time capture to evaluate, mitigate, and prepare for risks associated with climate change and natural disasters.


Source Earth observation data for a holistic overview of all AOIs and surroundings for scalable geohazard prediction and risk management.


Reliably capture the extent of a damage just after an event for timely response and damage assessments.


Monitor post-event recovery, verify claims, and inform future risk mitigation plans.

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