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Satellite imagery for geospatial application developers

SkyWatch has the most powerful API for sourcing and processing satellite images. Get access to the world's largest virtual constellation of remote sensing data, with offerings from over 20 satellite, HAPS, and aerial providers

Get data about any location on Earth

We're making it easier to access the Earth observation data you need. No contracts. Low minimum AOIs. One easy-to-use platform.

Low-risk prototyping

EarthCache’s API gives you free access to low-resolution satellite images, allowing you to build a proof of concept without incurring costs.


Build a faster application with our API. Send and retrieve all the information you need with one POST and one GET.

Analysis-ready data

Receive pre-clipped, orthorectified satellite images. Have access to processing algorithms and download your data in GeoTIFF or PNG.

Bespoke results

Get exactly the data you need with options ot choose your resolution, output, area coverage, intervals, and other variables.

Multiple providers

We provide a one-stop shop for remote sensing data, with instant access to the world's largest network of satellite imagery providers.

Simple pricing

We normalize pricing across providers to eliminate the need to negotiate commercial terms and manage contracts with multiple providers.

Lower minimums

We've partnered with data providers to lower minimum area requirements, so you’ll pay only for the images that you use.


Purchase an image within minutes. Search our Archive for historical data, or task a satellite to capture new images of your area of interest.

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It's easy to get started

1. Select your location

Select your area of interest by drawing a polygon on the map or uploading a KML or GeoJSON file. You can also search for specific locations or coordinates.

2. Choose your output

Satellite sensors can capture data that is not visible on images. Choose outputs such as true color, NDVI, and near-infrared.

3. Order your images

Filter your search by image resolution, date range, pipeline interval, and percentage of the visible surface, and set a budget before you buy.

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