Monitor Transportation  Across the Globe

Use satellite imagery to monitor transportation networks and count vehicles to increase efficiency, optimize supply chains, and understand traffic flow.
Do More With Satellite Imagery

Access a Variety of Data Types

Access medium-, high- and very-high resolution data from a single, easy-to-use console. Use archive imagery to gather historical insights, or task a satellite to collect future data.

Analyze Fields

Satellite imagery is a cost-effective way to gather data for large AOIs, and our transparent pricing makes it easy to price your project.

Be More Responsive

Our low latency and multiple data sources allows you to request and receive data faster, so you can make timely, informed decisions.
A Platform for All Your Needs

Low Res

You’ll get access to low-resolution images for free to allow you to test our platform without any risks.

Medium Res

Upgrade your plan to have access to medium-resolution images (1.6m - 8m). Pay only for the data you use.

High Res

Capture more detail with high-resolution images (50cm - 1.5m) that are compatible with multiple bands.
How Counting Cars Can Help You Count Dollars
While counting cars in parking lots is not a new concept, the extent of such an operation for more than a single retail location was beyond the scope of feasibility just a few years ago. Information that once required thousands of labour hours to acquire can now be derived from a single dataset of satellite imagery. With advances in machine learning technology, and the availability of 30 cm resolution imagery, cars can now be detected by satellites 400 km above them. With this identification comes the ability to track and model the parking lot traffic of massive retailers. Fluctuations in this traffic appear to correlate accurately with store revenue. Access to this kind of information can help you make more guided decisions in your strategy for the upcoming quarter and beyond.
Why Use EarthCache to Monitor Vehicles and Transportation Networks

Easy-to-Use Platform

EarthCache is so easy to use that you can purchase an image within minutes. Less time capturing satellite images means having more time to analyze the data.

Competitive Prices

We've partnered with data providers to lower the minimum area requirements and offer high-resolution satellite images at competitive prices.

Simple Ordering Process

EarthCache is the simplest way to get Earth Observation data for your needs. You won't have to worry about lengthy sales processes or data license agreements.

Request Access To EarthCache

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