Commercial Satellite Imagery
Made Accessible

The SkyWatch platform connects commercial satellite imagery providers with organizations and solution providers who need to monitor areas and activities on our planet.

We’re Removing The Barriers To Accessing Commercial Satellite Imagery

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to make a difference using Earth observation data. We understand that the hardest part is getting data from space into the hands of those who need it, which is why we’ve built an end-to-end platform to make commercial satellite imagery more accessible for all.

The SkyWatch Platform

Access Satellite Data

EarthCache provides everything you need to access and integrate commercial satellite imagery into your business or application.
  • Aggregated data sources for maximum results
  • Easy to use console
  • Robust API to easily integrate remote sensing data into applications

Distribute Satellite Data

TerraStream provides a suite of integrated services for satellite operators to distribute, monetize, and understand demand for their data.
  • Tools for direct data monetization
  • Access to EarthCache customers at no marginal cost
  • Market insights derived and analysis of demand across our network

The Easiest Way To Access Commercial Satellite Imagery

EarthCache Satellite Imagery platform consoleGET STARTED

Building An Application?

SkyWatch has the most powerful API for sourcing and processing satellite images. Get access to one of the largest networks of satellite data providers in the world and build your prototype at no cost with open data.

Our easy-to-use API allows developers across all industries to effectively build and test their geospatial applications with just a few lines of code. We’ll instantly connect you with some of the biggest satellite data providers in the world and give you the tools to programmatically buy satellite images at affordable prices.

Easily Integrate Commercial Satellite Imagery

Send and retrieve all the information
you need with one POST and one GET.
Your application will run faster because
you don't have to make multiple calls.
Free Prototype
Access free low-resolution satellite images,
to train your models, or build  a proof of
concept without incurring costs.
Analysis-Ready Data
Receive pre-clipped, orthorectified
satellite images. Access to
processing algorithms and download
your data in GeoTIFF or PNG.
Error Handling
Automated error handling responses via the API to help you identify and address issues.
API Documentation
Our API documentation is easy to understand and provides examples to enhance your developer experience and get you up and running faster.
Better Results
Set budget limits, choose satellite image resolution, and ensure that your area of interest is fully covered to get better results.

What People Are Saying

"The SkyWatch platform has streamlined our ability to integrate continuous satellite monitoring into our existing platforms. The API, which includes custom parameters, enables us to create a configuration for a client and only receive the data we need, reducing the processing required on our systems.”

Berno Greyling

Co-founder, Revolute Systems

What Will You Do With Commercial Satellite Imagery?

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