SkyWatch BUILD is a turnkey solution to enable geospatial data discovery, purchasing, and access within your applications.

SkyWatch BUILD provides a turnkey solution to integrate geospatial data discovery, purchase, and publishing into your applications.


Access a growing customer base of 7500+ organizations

SkyWatch users are issued a SkyWatch ID, which provides a single set of credentials to access data across all apps built on the SkyWatch platform, including yours.

Earn revenue on data sales

In addition to providing access to an engaged market and increasing usage of your application, you can earn a share of the revenue from data transacts within your app.

Leverage a proven API to access a comprehensive suite of platform services

Your app will be powered by the SkyWatch platform, which has been hardened over millions of interactions and delivered tens of millions of km2 of data. SkyWatch Platform services are exposed to you in well-documented APIs, with integration support from our team of world-class engineers.

SkyWatch platform services


Create, validate, and manage users of the SkyWatch platform
Create users, perform know-your-client (KYC) checks, and assign platform permissions.

Archive & Tasking

Request existing or new data captured by over 700 sensors
Search multiple providers’ data catalogues and interface with providers' ordering and planning systems to task sensors.


Ensure timing and accuracy of order execution
Schedule orders, maintain record of order status, and notify users of order status.


Ingest and process data received from provider systems
Interface with provider delivery systems, assess image quality (e.g. cloud cover), and handle pre- and post-processing.


Integrated e-commerce engine optimized for pay-as-you-use transactions
Perform card-level validation and enforce anti-fraud policies, transact user payments, and calculate sales tax.


Maintain and enforces business rules at the user, organization, provider, and source levels
Includes pricing rules, permissions, and territory restrictions.


Ingest and process search areas
The Locations service provides geocoding, processing, storage, and management of areas of interest.

Access geospatial data from the world's leading providers

Access geospatial data from the world's leading providers

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