SkyWatch for Developers

Integrate geospatial data into your application

The SkyWatch platform provides the building blocks for integrating and monetizing geospatial data within your application.

You need reliable access to Earth observation data to build prototypes, train your models, and deliver valuable insights to your customers through your application. The SkyWatch platform provides a powerful API and the services you need to  access to the world’s largest virtual constellation of Earth observation data.

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Why should you get your geospatial data from SkyWatch?

Access to 700+ sensors from the world's leading providers

Send and receive data with one POST and one GET

Programmatically access archive data or place tasking orders

ACCESS SkyWatch platform services


Create, validate, and manage users of the SkyWatch platform
Create users, validate users against global KYC lists, and assign roles and permissions.

Archive & Tasking

Request existing or new data captured by over 700 sensors
Search multiple providers’ data catalogues and interface with providers' ordering and planning systems to task sensors.


Manage interactions between the other platform services to ensure users receive data
Schedule orders, maintain record of order status, and notify users of order status.


Ingest and process data received from provider systems
Interface with provider delivery systems, assess image quality (e.g. cloud cover), and handle pre- and post-processing.


Integrated e-commerce capability, optimzed for small-parcel, pay-as-you-use transactions
Perform card-level validation and anti-fraud assessment, take and transacts payments from users, with applicable sales tax.


Maintain and enforces business rules at the user, organization, provider, and source levels
Includes pricing rules, permissions by role and app, and restrictions, such as territory or AOI restrictions.


Ingest and process search areas
The Locations service provides geocoding, processing, storage, and management of areas of interest.

Products for Developers

BUILD offers developers the building blocks for integrating Earth observation data into their applications, including a robust API and turnkey services for user authentication, compliance/KYC, licensing, and payments.

SkyWatch EXPLORE provides an easy-to-use visual interface for discovering and purchasing satellite imagery and other types Earth observation data, including low-resolution and open source data.

What will you do with SkyWatch?