Monitor utility infrastructure with geospatial data

Leverage satellite imagery and other types of geospatial data to remotely manage and monitor critical infrastructure.

Identify encroachment

Quickly detect and mitigate the risks of vegetation, industrial activity, and other types of encroachment on your infrastructure assets.

Source data programmatically

Programmatically task image captures of your infrastructure, so you can detect changes and take corrective action quickly.

Operate safely

Identify and assess risks remotely before sending humans into a potentially dangerous situation.

Access the data you need to

Remotely monitor infrastructure

Reduce costs and increase efficiency of your infrastructure and site monitoring activities.

Catch issues early

Monitor with low-resolution data, and cue a high-resolution capture when an anomaly is detected.

Conduct visual inspections

Our data providers offer the highest resolution available in the commercial market, up to 10cm data, enabling detailed visual inspection.

Access geospatial data from the world's leading providers

What will you do with Earth observation data?