Enhance news coverage with satellite imagery

Satellite imagery is the ideal tool for media organizations to monitor areas of interest remotely and affordably.

Francis Scott Key Bridge, Baltimore USA

Pléiades Neo © Airbus DS 2024

Mariupol, Ukraine

Pléiades Neo HD15 ©Airbus DS 2022

Deforestation in Georgia, USA

Pléiades Neo © Airbus DS 2023

Access the data you need to

Visualize global events

Compare images captured before and after a global event to enhance stories with compelling visuals.

Monitor unfolding situations

Task captures of your area of interest to stay up to date on changes and track developments.

Provide data-driven coverage

Access data in addition to the visual image, such as measuring the impact of climate change through the Enhanced Vegetation Index (EVI) output.

Access geospatial data from the world's leading providers

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