SkyWatch for Data Providers

Bring your data to market faster

SkyWatch makes it easier to get your geospatial data, whether from satellites, HAPS, or drones, to an engaged market of geospatial customers.

Bringing a new data product to market is hard enough without worrying about how you’re going to monetize and distribute your data. Connecting to the SkyWatch platform lets you tap into a high-growth market of Earth observation data users, and is the fastest way to scale your commercial growth.

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Why should you monetize your geospatial data through SkyWatch?

Manage archive data orders

Review, approve, and manage tasking requests

Gain insights into requests and orders by industry and country

Detailed customer order history

Products for Data Providers

CONNECT provides satellite operators and other remote sensing data providers with the infrastructure to monetize their data via applications built on the SkyWatch platform, including software tools for BI, compliance/audit, and order management.

What will you do with SkyWatch?