SkyWatch Partners With Pakistan-Based Farmdar

November 18, 2022

Cost-effective access to Earth Observation data enables farmers to reliably predict crop yields to mitigate food insecurity worldwide.

KITCHENER, Ontario, November 21, 2022 ( – SkyWatch Space Applications Inc. (SkyWatch) announced today its collaboration with Farmdar, an agri-tech company based in Pakistan. Farmdar’s app allows farmers to monitor their land, increase productivity, reduce farming costs, and reduce waste through artificial intelligence (AI) and remote sensing technologies.

Food production is a complex science. With the use of technology and analysis to predict the best growing conditions, agriculture has come a long way. However, the food production process isn’t consistent or sustainable globally. Predicting crop yields is increasingly difficult due to climate change, often resulting in poor productivity and high waste. While access to insights and predictive analytics can mitigate these risks, these technologies have not historically been readily available, leading to increased food insecurity worldwide.

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), 2019 Global Rankings, Pakistan’s crop yield was only 60%, and 20% of the fruits and vegetables were wasted in the harvest. Analyzing rural Pakistan production was enough motivation for the Farmdar’s founders, Muhammed Bukhari, Ibrahim Bukhari, and Muzaffar Manghi, to take action.

Using SAR and medium-resolution data, Farmdar’s reports provide insights on crop classification, harvest monitoring, yield estimation, sowing classification, variety detection, NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Potassium) variable application reporting, water stress reporting, plant health, and stress reporting. 

In its early stages, Farmdar found that using only high-resolution optical data was expensive. Farmdar needed to balance quality data outputs and affordability. Using a mix of high- and medium-resolution data on their platform, SkyWatch made accessing 3-5m data easy and cost-effective, supporting their needs as one of the market’s most affordable precision farming technologies. 

Pricing was not the only factor that mattered to Farmdar in a partnership. Farmdar chose SkyWatch as a partner because of SkyWatch’s deep understanding of Farmdar’s work and strong customer success practices. As a result, Farmdar’s investment in earth observation data has seen a return for themselves and their customers.

“Any solution is only as good as the partner delivering it. There is a huge service aspect to technology, especially technology that is new to us, and the reassurance and confidence we get from a partner really is key,” says Muzzafar Manghi, Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer at Farmdar. “I can’t emphasize enough how we’ve received that in spades from SkyWatch [and it] really encouraged us to do more with what SkyWatch offers.”

“We are thrilled to be supporting the Farmdar team as the data provider for their precision agriculture projects across both Pakistan and the world,” says Jordan Fox, SkyWatch’s Senior Director of Sales and Customer Success. “This partnership was ultimately born out of a shared vision regarding what we can accomplish together for producers and the communities that rely on them. Together, we are fighting for food security by making precision agriculture more accessible, efficient, and intuitive.”

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