How an Intelligence company uses SkyWatch EarthCache

April 28, 2022

ShadowBreak is an Intelligence consultancy company that focuses on layering data from a variety of sources to provide multi-Intelligence analysis for their military, governmental, and corporate clients. 

Both their solutions, ReconLink and TacSight, deliver critical insight for decision makers on vital security issues such as regional conflicts, foreign military combat capabilities, general military intelligence assessments and intelligence collaboration.

How ShadowBreak uses satellite data

With ReconLink, ShadowBreak customers can access recent imagery and automatically request new images over a certain area. In order to enable customers to request tasking data, the development team at ShadowBreak built a simple integration between ReconLink and the EarthCache API. Thanks to EarthCache, ShadowBreak was able to build this new feature for their customers in less than a few weeks.

A smooth integration was key to the success of the project

For the team at ShadowBreak the interaction needed to be as smooth as possible for their customers. Within their platform, users are able to check their preferred location for archive data, look at the path of satellites to plan for future requests and, with one click of the button, place a tasking order for future satellite imagery to be collected and delivered. That’s when SkyWatch came into play. Thanks to EarthCache, a platform that allows users to automatically request data from satellite imagery providers, ShadowBreak’s customers can place tasking orders with minimal friction. 

Aggregation is a nice perk

“For us, it doesn’t really matter where we get our data”, said Samuel Cardillo, CEO of ShadowBreak. However, Cardillo noted it can be time-consuming to sign new deals with the current satellite imagery providers and this diverts resources away from Development and Operations. By integrating EarthCache into their ReconLink platform, ShadowBreak was able to add new datasets to their current offering with just a few lines of code. 

This allowed Cardillo and his team to focus on building newer features, such as asset detection capabilities, measurement tools, layering information on military assets and on building a collaborative way for their TacSight users to share geospatial information across teams.

Favourite feature: cropped results

“Everything is amazingly cropped to fit the AOI we set” commented Cardillo. “I was amazed the first time I tried it. I am still amazed whenever I see an image perfectly cropped to my polygon.” Being able to deliver images cropped to the pixel help reduce the size of the file EarthCache users need to download, which makes it easier and less costly for developers to ingest and process. Being able to save even a couple of seconds between order and delivery is key to delivering a great customer experience, both for ShadowBreak and for SkyWatch.


Established in London, UK

Founded in 2019 

Development team size: 3

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