SkyWatch Signs Agreement with Brazil-Based Inspectral

July 6, 2021

WATERLOO, ONTARIO, July 6, 2021Inspectral, a provider of data analysis and geospatial solutions based in Brazil, has been selected by SkyWatch Space Applications Inc. (“SkyWatch), to deliver Earth observation data in Brazil.

Inspectral develops data analysis and geospatial intelligence solutions for agri-business, environmental, and aquatic systems monitoring, using multispectral and hyperspectral images acquired by cameras embedded on drone and satellite images. Inspectral’s custom solutions integrate machine-learning algorithms, data science, computer vision, and bio-optical modeling. 

Rooted in Research and Development, Inspectral’s solutions provide state-of-art technology integrations, incorporating the latest scientific developments. Inspectral is on a mission to innovate on the products and processes using data analysis and geospatial intelligence s, with a focus on scientific, technological, and human solutions.

Inspectral is using SkyWatch’s aggregated Earth observation data and robust API to monitor areas of interest for the following use cases: wastewater treatment, fish farming, aquaculture, and forestry. The team at Inspectral has future plans to develop methodologies to monitor agriculture crops and provide analysis of the quality of grass food for livestock. 

“Inspectral was created to simplify the integration of modern technologies, such as artificial intelligence, computer vision, and bio-optical physical models, that allow retrieving important information from remote images for decision-making,” says Alisson do Carmo, CEO & Co-Founder at Inspectral. “The goal is to deliver valuable information in a simple and uncomplicated way. The integration with SkyWatch has created an excellent, seamless user experience, from the acquisition of Earth observation images, to the automatic and periodic extraction of information, using the Inspectral platform and proprietary algorithms.” 

“We aim to apply the scientific methods published in renamed papers to overcome practical problems that we faced on water, forestry, agriculture and other verticals from innovative business,” says Nariane Bernardo, Inspectral’s COO. “Our technology is rooted in science and development, therefore, we unify our academic knowledge, based on our graduation/post-graduation, to the emerging trends in technology. In this way, Inspectral provides the best automatic and instantaneous solutions for technical problems that are not solved with traditional techniques, due to their economical and temporal costs”

“We’re excited to welcome Inspectral to our partner program,” says James Slifierz, CEO at SkyWatch. “Inspectral is overcoming practical problems in the areas of water, forestry, agriculture, and other verticals with innovative business solutions. We’re thrilled to partner with the team as they work to resolve challenges that cannot be solved with traditional techniques.”

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