SkyWatch Signs Agreement With Y Combinator-Backed Matidor

April 28, 2022

WATERLOO, ONTARIO, October 20, 2021 – Matidor, a Vancouver-based collaborative geospatial data software providery, has been selected by SkyWatch Space Applications Inc. (“SkyWatch), to deliver Earth observation data via its software solution.

Built on an intuitive map-based interface, Matidor delivers real-time project tracking, collaboration, and reporting among users. Matidor’s solution can provide both a broad look at a company’s entire portfolio – for example, all of the locations where project work is occurring – or be zoomed in to any single location for specific site drawings, tasks, communications, and more.  With Matidor, hundreds of hours of data management can be saved, while being able to manage up to five times more projects with the same team. Ultimately, rapid access to information improves efficiency, enables better decisions, and reduces financial risks.

“Currently, our users have to source and manage their own satellite imagery providers.  Each provider may supply their satellite imageries in different formats and quality, requiring our users to process the data before the imageries can be used and shared,” says Sean Huang, co-founder at Matidor. “The time and costs for the intermediary steps can be significant, and by streamlining the procedures, our users can focus on their core business and not be bogged down by administrative work.”

Matidor customers access on-demand satellite images via SkyWatch within the platform, to augment their operations with more accurate site layout and measurements. Customers are able to compare satellite images from different times and identify changes, such as vegetation growth and construction progress, in order to monitor the project progress and create reports.  SkyWatch’s satellite data is integrated into Matidor and,using the SkyWatch API, synchronization between the two platforms will initiate automatically.

“The ability to see the real-time progression of our sites through SkyWatch’s satellite imageries, along with the intuitive map drawing that Matidor provides, enabled our drilling and construction teams to collaborate effectively during the planning phase,” says Shawna Garcia, Environmental Coordinator at Rife Resources

“We’re thrilled to welcome Matidor to our partner program,” says James Slifierz, CEO of SkyWatch. “Matidor is leading the way in terms of allowing teams to collaborate around geospatial data and make better, faster decisions. We’re thrilled to work with the team at Matidor as we continue on our mission to make Earth observation data more accessible.”

To learn more about Matidor, visit To learn more about partnering with SkyWatch, visit our website.

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