SpaceJLTZ Selects TerraStream to Manage Hyperspectral Data

June 24, 2021

WATERLOO, Ontario, June 24, 2021 ( – SkyWatch Space Applications Inc. (“SkyWatch“), a Waterloo-based space technology startup, announced today it has signed an agreement to deliver data management capabilities to SpaceJLTZ, a commercial satellite company headquartered in Puebla, Mexico. 

Founded in 2020, SpaceJLTZ is on a mission to democratize access to space technology to solve problems in the economic, social, and government sectors. Recognizing that there has historically been inequity in access to the satellite data for emerging regions, SpaceJLTZ, a member of the HyperActive Consortium, is committed to using Earth observation data to improve life on Earth around the globe, starting in Mexico.

Agriculture plays a significant role in Mexico’s economy, with over 12% of the national workforce employed in the agriculture industry in 2020, and agricultural exports amounting to nearly $29 billion USD in 2019. While a small percentage of exports originate from large, export-oriented agri-businesses, the majority of Mexican farms are small-scale operations, struggling to access the technological advances that would allow them to compete in lucrative export markets. 

“We believe that enabling small-scale farmers with Earth observation data to practice precision agriculture and increase crop yields will improve the economic and social situations for many people in Mexico,” says José Luis Terreros Corrales, CEO at SpaceJLTZ. “Commercial agri-business has been wonderful for the country as a whole, and has strengthened our economy and our export relationship with the U.S. and other consumers of Mexican agriculture exports. However, it has also increased income disparity between workers in the agricultural sector, and we believe that our technology can help level the playing field.”

SkyWatch’s TerraStream platform will provide data management, ordering, processing, and delivery services for SpaceJLTZ’s upcoming mission. The turnkey data management platform allows satellite operators to focus on developing core intellectual property while scaling a business with analysis-ready data and reduced time to market. Integration with SkyWatch’s EarthCache platform, which provides application developers and GIS specialists with satellite imagery at scale, allows TerraStream customers to expand their market reach and add a new revenue stream to their business from day one.

“We’re honored to partner with SpaceJLTZ,” says James Slifierz, CEO at SkyWatch. “We share the mission of democratizing access to Earth observation data. Together, we will distribute high-quality and affordable hyperspectral data into the hands of more people who need it, substantially improving life for those in Mexico and around the world. We look forward to working with SpaceJLTZ as they embark on this important work.”


SkyWatch ( is on a mission to make Earth Observation data accessible to the world. Hundreds of trillions of pixels of our planet are captured from space every day. Utilizing our past experience in space data aggregation software, our team is building the infrastructure to connect satellite data operators and application developers. EarthCache is the simplest way to get satellite data for an application. TerraStream is an integrated data management solution for satellite data operators that handles all data-related operations from ground station to customers. For more information, visit


SpaceJLTZ is an innovative space company, democratizing the use of space technology such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Earth Observation (EO) and space mission design, construction, launch, and operation. SpaceJLTZ is driven by a sense of social responsibility, and is constantly seeking better outcomes for our clients, through custom solutions for the educational, economic, social and government sectors. To learn more, visit



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