What Is EarthCache?

SkyWatch has two main products, EarthCache and TerraStream.

What is EarthCache?

EarthCache is a satellite imagery marketplace and API. It connects customers to one of the largest marketplaces of satellite data providers in the world. With EarthCache, you can order and download satellite imagery across different sensor types.

Why use satellite imagery to solve business problems?

Satellite imagery is easily accessible through marketplaces like SkyWatch, but the actual application of this data can be used in different ways.

For example, in Agriculture satellite imagery can be used to monitor farmland and assess things like crop classification, harvest monitoring, yield estimation, sowing classification, or variety detection. Agronomists use satellite data as a tool to assess growth potential and make recommendations to maximize crop yields for the season. 

Oil & Gas companies often use satellite imagery to monitor their sites and ensure that no spills or leaks occur. If they do, automated tip and cue triggers come into play and are able to hone in on the affected area to help take action quickly.

There are infinite possibilities for how to use satellite imagery. Here are 3 ways it can be used to solve real-world problems.  

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