What Is Mosaicking?

When collecting satellite imagery of a large area, sometimes a single image collection won’t cover your AOI in its entirety. In a marketplace console like EarthCache, Mosaicking is an optional setting that allows for multiple images from the same satellite sensor to be mosaicked (aka “stitched”) together. This creates a single continuous image of your area of interest. Cloud-free imagery is prioritized when the images are mosaicked.

Why use mosaicking?

  1. If you have a large AOI (larger than 20 sqkm), it may be covered by more than one satellite image. If you do not turn on mosaicking with a large AOI, you may not receive results from your pipeline because no image covers enough of the AOI to meet the coverage requirements.
  2. If you do not require your entire AOI to be captured on the same day, multi-day mosaicking will provide flexibility & ensure there is imagery for the entirety of your AOI.

When you select Mosaicking, there is then a mosaic range option that appears.

  • 1 Day: Satellite images will be mosaicked together only if they are captured on the same calendar day (UTC). For example, one image was taken at 12 pm and another at 5 pm. This option is recommended for time-sensitive events or if you want to optimize for image consistency.
  • Entire Interval: Any satellite images captured during your pipeline interval can be mosaicked together. For example, if your interval is monthly, one image was taken on day 2 and another was captured on day 25. This option is recommended for larger AOIs (>30km²) or if you want to optimize for image delivery.

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