How SkyWatch Handled The First Few Months Of The Pandemic

SkyWatch is an awesome employer in the Waterloo Region who cares about our people's health and safety, our product, and making sure we are a great place to work at.  Read our Business Continuity Plan.

We wanted To Ensure Our Employees And Partners Were Safe

  1. No more in-person stuff: Everybody works from home.  No more events in the office.  No more non-essential travel.  We are doing online interviews now.  If you are interested in working for SkyWatch, you can email about any questions around how the new recruitment process looks like.  Don’t forget to check in our career page the open positions we have at this moment. Yes! We are hiring! 
  2. We added a mental health initiative: Our people are our first priority.  We partnered with EQ Care, Canada's pioneer in telemedicine to offer our staff 24/7 national and bilingual online access to a specialized medical and mental health team providing personalized, comprehensive treatment options from any mobile or device.
  3. We keep an eye on the pandemic: We created a new information repository and continue to update our employees about any changes.

We Wanted To Continue Serving Our Clients

  1. Worry-free-technology:  We did not experience any interruption in service due to COVID and do not foresee any interruptions in the future.  We ensured that our  technology is able to support an increase in remote work, and continue to manage any added load to client-facing or service delivery technology that may occur.
  2. Employees continue to work:  It's business-as-virtual.  We are still dedicated to helping people access satellite data.  We are available if you have questions.  Our business hours are still 9 am to 5 pm ET Monday to Friday.  You can contact us via phone +1 (833) 711-2090 or email

11 Things We Did To Ensure SkyWatch Is Still A Great Place To Work (From Home)


Employees had access to a new stipend to help off-set some of the costs associated with setting up a space to efficiently work from home. We also had a contest to pick the ‘nicest desk’ and ‘most creative desk’.

These were the two winners.

A picture of a desk with a laptop on a stand, a large monitor in the middle, a smaller laptop in the front, keyboard, mouse, speakers, a coffee mug, a sleeping cat, and an aquarium.
This is a picture of one of SkyWatch’s employees sitting on a board in the middle of a lake, with a laptop on her lap.


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