Optimize mining operations with remote sensing data

Monitor your mining operations across sites. Complement drone imagery and visual inspections with Earth observation data imagery to reduce costs and increase efficiency of your site monitoring, resource exploration, environmental monitoring, and risk mitigation activities.

SkyWatch provides the data you need to

Monitor sites

Satellite imagery can be used to monitor site integrity as well as site production, replacing costly visual inspections and field visits.

Optimize exploration

Identify areas for resource exploration, or map distribution of minerals and other resources.

Maintain compliance

Use satellite imagery to identify safety hazards, monitor environmental impact, and comply with regulatory requirements.

Multispectral data

Access low-resolution data for cost-effective change detection, or capture more detail for visual inspection with higher resolutions, up to 15cm.

Hyperspectral data

Gather detailed data about the mineral composition of rocks and soil with hyperspectral data.

Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)

Quickly and accurately map large areas, including hazardous and remote locations, even under low-light and challenging atmospheric conditions.

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