Optimize Your Mining OperationsWith Satellite Images

Satellite imagery can help you monitor what is happening with your mining operations in any location. Complement drone imagery and visual inspections with satellite imagery to reduce costs and increase efficiency of your site monitoring, resource exploration, environmental monitoring, and risk mitigation activities.
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Do More With Satellite Imagery
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Monitor Sites
Satellite imagery can be used to monitor site integrity as well as site production, replacing costly visual inspections and field visits.
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Resource Exploration
Identify areas for resource exploration, or map distrbution of minerals and other resources.
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Mitigate Risk
Use satellite imagery to monitor your site for safety haazrds and environmental issues.
A Platform for All Your Needs


Access low-resolution data to train models or detect changes for further investigation.


Access medium-resolution (1.6m - 8m) satellite data from our large virtual constellation of satellites.


Capture more detail with high-resolution (50cm - 1.5m) images, compatible with multiple bands.

Very High-Res

Get Very High Resolution (30cm - 80cm)images  in RGB, NIR, Red-Edge, and Deep Blue bands


Gather detailed data about the mineral composition of rocks and soil [COMING SOON]

Locating uranium deposits with satellite data
With Earth observation data being more accessible and computers' improved processing power, utilizing satellites to detect features in faraway places has become a much more viable option at a low cost.
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Why EarthCache?
Multiple Providers
Get access to the world's largest virtual constellation of Earth observation satellites, through a single platform and single end-user data license agreement.
Transparent Pricing
We've partnered with data providers to lower the minimum area requirements and offer commercial satellite data with competitive, transparent pricing.
Simple Platform
EarthCache is the simplest way to get satellite data. Search our Archive for historical data, or task a satellite to capture new images, right from our console.

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