Oil & Gas

Optimize oil and gas operations with remote sensing data

Monitor pipelines, manage and plan the expansion of your infrastructure, and mitigate risks with Earth observation data.

SkyWatch provides the data you need to

Optimize exploration

Identify new exploration sites, and conduct feasibility and impact analyses on planned projects. 

Make informed decisions

Use geospatial mapping technology to assess weather, elevation, and other conditions as you expand your infrastructure.

Monitor infrastructure

Monitor and manage assets and infrastructure to identify risks and create stronger disaster prevention plans.


Remotely monitor oil fields and pipelines offsite to detect changes, encroachment, and naturally occurring seeps.

In water

Detect oil spills and tanker incidents and plan remediation activities with a  comprehensive picture of risks and impacts.


Task regular imagery capture of critical locations in your supply chain and operations, such as pipelines and storage tanks, to optimize production, transportation, and revenue.

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