Geospatial Intelligence For Energy, Oil and Gas

Monitor your pipelines, oversee the expansion of your infrastructure, and mitigate risks with high-resolution satellite imagery purchased via EarthCache.
A Simple Process For Buying Satellite Imagery

Identify New Exploration Sites

High-resolution satellite images can help you find new exploration sites and analyze the feasibility of your projects.

Build Smarter

Use GIS mapping technology to assess weather, elevation, and other conditions as you expand your infrastructure.

Monitor Your Assets

Protect your assets and create stronger disaster prevention plans with geospatial intelligence.
A Platform for All Your Needs


Remotely monitor oil fields and pipelines offsite to detect changes and even naturally occurring seeps.

In Water

Detect oil spills and tanker incidents and respond faster and with a more comprehensive picture of risks and impacts.


Task regular imagery of critical locations in your supply chain such as storage tanks to optimize production, transportation, and revenue.
Monitoring Pipelines with Satellite Imagery
LiveEO uses SkyWatch’s geospatial intelligence technology to protect its customers’ infrastructure from vegetation outgrowth. The high-resolution satellite images also help them detect risky activities near railways and pipelines. Instead of sending a team on-site or paying for aerial inspections, LiveEO can get great results with satellite imagery for only a fraction of the cost.

Why GIS and Remote Sensing Managers Love EarthCache

Easy-To-Use Platform

Looking for an easy solution for your geospatial intelligence needs? EarthCache makes it a breeze to order satellite imagery through our platform or build your own applications with our API.

Customer Service

Ordering satellite images doesn’t have to be a lengthy, complicated process. Our team loves helping our customers with their GIS and remote sensing needs. You’re welcome to reach out if you have any questions.

Find What You Need

We’ve partnered with Earth Observation data providers to create one of the largest geospatial imagery repositories in the world. Search for images in our Archive or task satellites to capture the images you need.


Aerial inspections and drones can be expensive because they require a lot of manual intervention. Satellites are a smarter and cost-effective option to monitor our infrastructure on an ongoing basis.

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